Problem 9796: PV left-right delta x is a little bit high (from Presenter page /Shift_New/TRACK: Velo Alignment)

Start date
2017-05-30 18:38
End date
2017-06-20 12:22
Runs affected
Reported by
Tobias Tekampe on 2017-05-30 18:38


#1 by Tobias Tekampe on 2017-05-30 18:38

The page comments ask to report a deviation of larger than 0.01 mm, whan 0.01 mm, which is reached here.

Logbook link

#2 by Giulio Dujany on 2017-06-20 12:24

Still inside the precision of the method (so not an issue for the data taking). In the following fill the alignment was updated.
Closed the problem with end date: 2017-06-20 12:22:00

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